Nominations Are Now Closed: October 10 ($999)

Fast Company Middle East’s  Most Innovative Companies list is an annual ranking of organizations in the Middle East at the forefront of innovation across industries.

The Middle East Edition of the prestigious list launched in 2022 received over 240 nominations. Of these , 42 organizations across 25 categories were honored — from the largest companies in the region to small startups with just a few employees. 

Now nominations for Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies list and awards are open for all organizations based in the region. With innovation more critical than ever, we look forward to recognizing the organizations moving the Middle East region and the world forward.

For full application details, see the FAQ’s.

Regular Pricing : $999 (8th Sept – 10th October )

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Why Apply For the Middle east list

Brand Amplification

Being a winner at Most Innovative Companies signifies more than just an award. It validates your company’s unwavering commitment to creativity and impact and your pursuit of innovation. Being included in this list solidifies your company’s position as a trailblazer, garnering trust and credibility as you tell your company’s story to the world. It also gives your company visibility – appearing on and reaching millions of readers.

Funding and Stakeholder Engagement

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies also offers the opportunity for funding and strategic partnerships. Attaining success here signifies that your innovations are celebrated by industry peers and potential investors and collaborators, recognizing the importance of forward-looking enterprises and their impact on the region. It's a chance to become part of an ecosystem that drives innovation, turning ideas into impactful realities and forging lasting connections.

Join an Inspiring Community

Being honored as a Most Innovative Company grants you entry into Fast Company’s expansive community. We turn to these companies first to identify speakers for events such as the World Changing Ideas, Impact Council, and Green Goals Summit. We also look to these companies for other story opportunities throughout the year, helping them amplify their efforts to create positive change in the world.

Attracting Talent

In a world of possibilities, top-notch professionals are invariably drawn to companies that prioritize innovation and possess a clear goal of doing good for society.  Being a winner among the Most Innovative Companies opens doors for some of the best professionals in the Middle East to join your company as they seek working environments that nurture creativity, reward courage, and welcome the unconventional.

Connect with Industry Pioneers

Be a part of a list that offers the chance to interact with some of the most pioneering companies in the Middle East. This presents an opportunity to engage with innovators and embrace novel perspectives. 


Open only for organizations based in the Middle East region. Apply under 33 industry categories and demonstrate how your innovations from the past year have impacted business, industry, and culture. Only companies based or having a presence in the Middle East region can apply. For full details, see the Rules and FAQs.


Adtech & Martech (New)

Developing cutting-edge technology digital advertising and marketing campaigns

Advertising, Branding & PR

Agencies, advancing the business of persuasion and influence

AI & Data Science

Products and ideas transforming industries with advanced machine learning and data analysis

Architecture & Design

Firms and commissions that are transforming the built world

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Companies creating the future of tech-powered immersive content and experiences

Beauty & Wellness

Making the world of cosmetics and wellness more inclusive, sustainable and appealing

Consumer Goods

Pioneering products and brands transforming consumers' daily lives

Corporate Social Responsibility (New)

Building a better world through purpose-driven and socially conscious initiatives

Crypto/ Blockchain/ Web3/ Metaverse (New)

Companies redefining how consumers exchange money, interact, and transact in the digital world

E-commerce (New)

Brands that are making shopping easier for consumers


Empowering learners with innovative tools and personalized products

Emerging Tech

Companies working on tech that are in the early stages of development


Novel initiatives that address climate change


Organizations offering tech and services that make other businesses more efficient


Platforms, labels, and streamers making beautiful sharing innovative and delightful content

Finance & Fintech

Products and technologies making financial transactions easier

Food & Dining

Companies that are transforming the way we eat and entertain


Groundbreaking companies that are developing new gaming technologies


Latest devices, services, and approaches to empower patients


Brands that are creating memorable experiences with great customer service

Logistics & Mobility (New)

Moving goods faster, smarter and sustainably


Companies exploring sustainable practices and data-driven improvements


Businesses inventing or reinventing the future of news and content

Public Sector & Government Services

Offering better services to citizens and companies

Real Estate

The landscapes and properties defining how we live today


Fresh approaches to selling goods and services

Services (New)

Companies helping people and making lives easier with products

Small and Mighty: Under 10 Employees

Organizations with big ideas and are the next generation of innovators

Social Good

Companies incorporating a larger purpose in businesses

Sustainability & Clean Tech

Creating a cleaner and greener future through innovation and sustainability

Travel & Tourism

Redefining hospitality with innovative, personalized, and immersive experiences

Women Backed

Companies with women at the helm pushing new boundaries

Workplace (New)

Companies helping employees be more productive and happy